Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wedding Checklist

Checklist (Not Yet/Done)

Solemnization (9.11.2013)
Kursus Kahwin:
Wedding ring:
Borang Kebenaran Nikah:
HIV Test:
Baju Nikah:
Tudung & Veil Nikah:
Kasut Nikah:
Pelamin Nikah:
Bunga Tangan:
Bilik Pengantin:

Reception (10.11.2013)
Baju Sanding/Aksesori/Kasut/Veil:
Spa Treatment:
Kasut Sanding:
Hand bouquet:
Baju bridesmaid's (xoxo):
Dj & PA system:
Invitation Card/Wedding invitation through fb:
Bunga Telor Pelamin:
Kek Pengantin:
Button Badge:
Candy buffet:
Send out invitation card:

Wedding Plan

Quite complicated juga when I think about my wedding preparations ni..My wedding will be on 10 November 2013 means 7 more months to go..So i need to spend some of my time to think about what should i prepare for my wedding including the theme, decoration, colour..oh my banyaknya..As for today i just browse some of the website which i thought i will give me some sources of inspiration..

Which colour should I go for..The website stated that the colour trend for 2013 was mint colour..Cantik juga bila tengok color nie..Yes kalau boleh i prefer to have a pastel color for my wedding gown :)

  • Birds
Maybe i can use it for decorations, invitations, cake toppers and centerpieces (sources from

  • Candy Buffet
During my wedding i want to reserve a section where i can put the candy buffet table..Right now, banyak blog or fb yang dah available for the candy buffet package..The price is quite expensive so far most of them want rm500 and above.

  • Goodies bag
Menarikan goodies kalo dapat mcm nie..simple and vintage je :)

Wedding Dress
Actually kalo boleh I prefer fabric dia from lace tak kiralah kalo baju tu kebaya dress or etc sebab memg suka sangat..And the colour should pastel colour like white, tapi for this year katanya mint + gold the current trend for 2013 and ianya sangatlah cantik..oh my susahnya nak decide :(..See cantik kan..(credit gambar to google)

  • Accessories

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Just added a new label in my blog which is beauty sharing which i will be sharing some of the beauty tips here..hehe..Takdelah beauty sangat just sharing some information about the product that i am using currently and i think it is good to be shared with others :)..Beauty Sharing

Again lama gile tak update blog..hehe..Inilah akibat busy yang teramat sangat dengan aktiviti lecture, training, students blah blah blah..But today barulah sempat nak update sikit tentang Atun's wedding..Kalo tak silap hari tu dia kawin bulan January 2013..Sorry atun lambat sikit nak update smpai tarikh pun lupa atun..Atun was one of my best friend dari degree year 2008 until now..Masuk ni dah lama dah kitaorang kawan almost 5 years..But jarang dapat gathering sama2 sebab semua dah busy dengan life masing..Let's share some of the pictures during her event..Enjoice :)
*Throwback year 2008* 

 *Currently 2013* Semoga berbahagia ye atun sampai ke anak cucu*

It's been a while tak update blog..Quite busy with office works lagi2 students diploma baru registered..As usual bila student baru registered banyaklah kerenah nak layan..hehe..poor my students..every semester there are part of them yang ada problems dengan course registration...Other than that, i am also busy with my confirmation things..i need to get confirmed within 3 years..headache..Oh before terlupa 1 June 2012 ari tu genaplah me dah kerja 1 year...Wah tak sangka boleh kerja selama itu..hikhik..On 25th May 2012 i went to induction for 2 weeks in Kg. Gajah..Too many experiences and knowledge gained there...Here goes some of the pictures during my induction..and the best part is tak tau rupanya banyak lecturer yang sporting and best kat luar sana :)

Lama sungguh tak berblog...Tak tau kenapa tak reti nak update blog..hehe..Actually i felt very thankful as i am finally engaged with my boyfriend aka bestfriend...hehe..Actually we have known each other since diploma in 2004 but during that time kira macam he is one of my enemy..But suddenly time degree in 2008 boleh sama kelas pula..Tulah betul orang cakap jangan benci sangat orang tu nanti orang tulah yang kita suka..Adoi..But right now i am totally in love with him..We have been together almost 4 years and we have been through all the things tak kisahla senang susah semua sama2..The most important thing is dia banyak bersabar dengan my perangai yang ntah ape-ape2 nie..Thanx caca..12th May 2012 is the day when we got engaged..Saya sangat bersyukur di atas semua kurniaan Allah s.w.t kerana memberikan saya family yang begitu sempurna dan rezeki yang tak putus2..There goes some pictures during my engagement...

*Tempat nak letak goodies, cupcakes and cake*
*My simple mini Pelamin, and my mum created it*

*Chocolates and cupcakes made by Ezira from Cakewalk*
*My hantaran*

*My mum yang banyak bersusah payah*Adoi gambar abah memang takde time kenduri nie*
*My xoxo girls, Ana and Atun* yang lain memang tak dapat datang*

Hye lama sungguh tak berblogging nie..tak tau penyakit malas ni dah smpai kot...Actually I am quite busy with paper marking for my Diploma students and at the same time too many activities to be involved with...huhu...Can't believe rupanya tugas pensyarah nie banyak juga dari diimaginekan..Masa study dulu ingat kerja pensyarah nie just lecturing, marking paper but the truth is lebih dari tu..besar sungguh responsibilities nie..hehe..Today tiba2 bersemangat nak update blog setelah hampir 2 months senyap..Can't wait for end of this month minta2 la ada rezeki lebih..Banyak gambar nak diuploadkan tapi boleh tak tertinggal cable iphone kat rumah..Adoi!! Supposed i update about cherryblossom craft tapi tersibuk benda lain pula..Actually it is my mum online business..She selling so  many kinds of handmade items dari felt handmade item, beanie cap and many mores..just have a view at  Cherryblossomwardrobe if there any items that you are interested with kindly email me at :)  There goes some pictures of the items selling here :) Check it out :)

Again, i haven't update anything in my blog and it's almost a month :)..So many things to be storied..But right now i have no idea on how i want to start my writing..But i just want to share some new pictures :)

It's been a while that i haven't update anything in my blog..Currently I am so busy with too many assignments, quizzes to be marked...Aishhh i can't merungut as it is one of my job responsibilities.  I woke up 6 a.m. in the morning and i realized that the things that always make my life miserable was friend.  I think it is better for me for not having so many friends as I am quite picky in deciding who my friend will be..  It is difficult to find someone that you can trust, share with, comfortable to live with and to avoid with jealous problem.  Thankful i still having my family that i can share everything and i think i can't survive without them.  

Favourite People

10 November 2012..It is the day when i was "risik" by his family...Thanks sayang for trying to make my dreams come true..All i can say I am blessed for having you in my life even there are so many obstacles that we have been through..Not to forget to mak and abah..And also for his family thanx for coming :


My parents (i am so sad when looking at their picture)

Soul sister (the one that always be with me even she always scold me)

My other half (thanx sayang for your patience, and i am so glad to have the 3 years relationship with you)
My little skinny(The other adik that i u skinny and your voice) 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Beauty Sharing

Tiba-tiba datang semangat rajin nak update blog sbb tengok blogger lain setiap hari ada je nak update..As for today just nak share some of the beauty tips for those yang nak tahu la..Mcm me ni suka ikut orang if orang cakap product tu bagus tak kira harga mesti nak beli..So kat situ boleh nampakkan the power of word of mouth..Like mine selalu ada problem with whitehead kat my nose nie..Blackhead takde tapi whitehead nie obvious sangat..Every week je mesti nak kena pakai Blackhead Nose Strip tu and previously i used to buy Watson brand kalo tak silap...Ok tu memang ok la bila pakai tu memang hidung rasa licin and smooth sangat..Tapi sampailah satu hari tu blogwalking kat blog Fatin Liyana and then ternampak she introduced products from Hansagee.. Time tu terus je browse wtu sebab nak tau sangat and then terus registred as online member..Then i reviewed information about the product tu and i think i should try it tengok harga pun affordable..Dah tengok Fatin Liyana tu pun pakai confirm2 product tu mesti baguskan..hehe

The best about this company is they will deliver the products that you have purchased on time. Today bayar esok dia respond and then post..Ok my first purchase at Hansagee was their Beauty Clinic Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Pack..I have a good experience in using this product for the first time..Kira ohsemla..Letak je kat hidung then wait dalam 20 minutes then tarik strip tu then boleh nampak semua whitehead tu keluar..Seronok bila tengok hasil dia..hehe..Lepas tu dia ada provide sekali pore stamping serum kira macam cream yang akan letak kat atas hidung lepas kita dah remove strip tu..At least boleh tahan seminggu without the whiteheads..So ape lagi tryla murah je RM37..If you want to know more about the product information just browse their website..And for me i like the product so far la..hehe..And today is my second purchase and this time i bought their charcoal mineral mask..yang tu belum try lagi sebab nak tunggu weekend..If you purchase the blackhead suction nose pack and mask together boleh dapat rm70..Harga promotion..So what are you waiting for go and grab it..
*Semalam balik kerja je dapat notice pos laju suruh ambil parcel*