Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wedding Checklist

Checklist (Not Yet/Done)

Solemnization (9.11.2013)
Kursus Kahwin:
Wedding ring:
Borang Kebenaran Nikah:
HIV Test:
Baju Nikah:
Tudung & Veil Nikah:
Kasut Nikah:
Pelamin Nikah:
Bunga Tangan:
Bilik Pengantin:

Reception (10.11.2013)
Baju Sanding/Aksesori/Kasut/Veil:
Spa Treatment:
Kasut Sanding:
Hand bouquet:
Baju bridesmaid's (xoxo):
Dj & PA system:
Invitation Card/Wedding invitation through fb:
Bunga Telor Pelamin:
Kek Pengantin:
Button Badge:
Candy buffet:
Send out invitation card:

Wedding Plan

Quite complicated juga when I think about my wedding preparations ni..My wedding will be on 10 November 2013 means 7 more months to go..So i need to spend some of my time to think about what should i prepare for my wedding including the theme, decoration, colour..oh my banyaknya..As for today i just browse some of the website which i thought i will give me some sources of inspiration..

Which colour should I go for..The website stated that the colour trend for 2013 was mint colour..Cantik juga bila tengok color nie..Yes kalau boleh i prefer to have a pastel color for my wedding gown :)

  • Birds
Maybe i can use it for decorations, invitations, cake toppers and centerpieces (sources from

  • Candy Buffet
During my wedding i want to reserve a section where i can put the candy buffet table..Right now, banyak blog or fb yang dah available for the candy buffet package..The price is quite expensive so far most of them want rm500 and above.

  • Goodies bag
Menarikan goodies kalo dapat mcm nie..simple and vintage je :)

Wedding Dress
Actually kalo boleh I prefer fabric dia from lace tak kiralah kalo baju tu kebaya dress or etc sebab memg suka sangat..And the colour should pastel colour like white, tapi for this year katanya mint + gold the current trend for 2013 and ianya sangatlah cantik..oh my susahnya nak decide :(..See cantik kan..(credit gambar to google)

  • Accessories

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